Gas Phase Electrochemical Reduction of CO 2 in Plastron Structures

Student: Hamed Mehrabi

Degree: Ph.D., May 2021

Major Professor: Dr. Robert Coridan

Research Area(s):

Nanoscience & Engineering

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  • Superhydrophobic structures are used by insects for under water respiration.
  • Techniques used in microfluidics can help mimic these structures such as lithography and micro contact printing.


  • Electrochemical CO2 reduction reaction (CO2RR) of  into Hydro carbons and reducing by products such as formic Acid.

  • Studying the interface of superhydrophobic structures.


  • Electrochemical deposition of Cu in pH 0 – 10 solution at high rates to create dendritic structures.
  • Cyclic voltammetry and chrono-amperometry in CO2 rich environment at different potentials
  • Constant CO2flow during CO2RR. 
  • Gas chromatography for H2, C1 and C2 products.
  • NMR for liquid products.

Key Results

  • Fabricating airtight electrochemical cells for accurate product analysis using CNC mill.
  • Automated python scripts to calculate efficiencies from raw data files.
  • Results showing the effect of copper morphology on product branching ratios in gas and liquid products.

Future Work

  • Multi-metalic catalysis by galvanic replacement
  • Using  Cu with different morphologies.
  • Galvanic replacement of copper on different metals.
  • Analysis of the interface by Mott Schottky analysis.
  • Determining the 3D structure of the foams using Nano-CT