Interface Engineering of Cellulose Nanomaterials for Multifunctional Materials

Student: Joseph Batta-Mpouma

Degree: Ph.D., August 2020

Major Professor: Dr. Jin-Woo Kim

Research Area(s):

Nanoscience & Engineering

Conventional Materials & Processes

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  • Cellulose nanomaterials (CNs) are biodegradable materials with physicochemical and mechanical properties
  • The combination of molecular assembly and surface chemistry expand capabilities of CNs as effective structural materials
  • However, hydroxyl group-rich CN networks collapse in contact with water environment due intermolecular H-bonds


  • To achieve a practical use of CNs, as core materials, in moist environments for biodegradable and advanced materials for biomedical and packaging uses, as well as in agriculture


Key Results


  • Oscillatory frequency tests showed that structural deformations can be modulated by varying crosslinking process conditions

  • Covalent crosslinking led to reduction of intermolecular H-bond, signifying formation of liquid–stable CN networks

  • Topography showed self-alignment of crystals upon crosslinking process.

Future Work

  • Study the effect of non-covalent crosslinking with mono-, di-, and tri-valent transition metal ions on CN assembly

  • Development of formulations for 3-D structure fabrication