Development of SiGeSn IR Detectors

Student: Justin M. Rudie

Degree: M.S., Dec. 2022

Major Professor: Dr. Fisher Yu

Research Area(s):



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  • Current infrared imaging sensors are expensive III-V materials

  • Monolithic integrated laser on Si needed for high speed photonic communications to replace slower, copper based connections.


  • Novel CVD growth techniques to increase Sn in

  • Previously unrealized compositions of SiGeSn will be grown and characterized


  • CVD growth plans altering pressure, temperature, growth time and other parameters to achieve quality samples
  • Confirmation of material content and quality via ellipsometry, PL, TEM imaging, etc.

Key Results

  • Currently in the process of recovering growth capabilities of CVD
  • Known achieved compositions are recorded
  • Growth plans to achieve further compositions are in progress


  • Current obstacles to CVD growth of SiGeSn are to be addressed

Future Work

  • Continue developing and altering growth plans to achieve SiGeSn Growth

  • Characterize new samples of various compositions as they are grown

  • Fabricate detectors on highest quality materials