Investigation of Photodetectors Based on hybrid PbSe/Graphene

Student: Wafaa Gebril

Degree: Ph.D., May 2021

Major Professor: Dr. Omar Manasreh

Research Area(s):

Nanoscience & Engineering


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  • Recently, great efforts have been devoted to the field of photodetection.
  • More research attention is needed to address the challenges and overcome the existing limitation in device‚Äôs performance and architecture and materials systems.
  • Graphene is an attractive candidate for photodetection applications because of its unique properties including ultrahigh carrier mobilities and zero bandgap.


  • Graphene flakes were mechanically exfoliated on Si/SiO2 substrates.
  • The prepared graphene flakes were characterized using Optical microscopy and Raman spectroscopy
  • Patterning MSM photoconductor using Standard optical photolithography.
  • Depositing the electrodes metals using Electron-beam evaporator.
  • Characterizing the fabricated devices using current-voltage (I-V).

Key Results


  • Phototransistor of graphene/p-type Si/SiO2 structure showed good photoresponse when the back gate was biased.

Future Work

  • More measurements still needed for this project to show the operation electromagnetic spectral range of the device. The performance of the phototransistor might be improved by using CVD graphene and interdigital electrodes structure.