Study of Nanoparticle-Decorated Graphene Hydrogen Gas Sensor

Student: Abayomi Omolewu

Degree: Ph.D., December 2020

Major Professor: Dr. Uche Wejinya & Dr. Ryan Tian

Research Area(s):

Physical & Chemical Sensors

Nanoscience & Engineering

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  • Demand for cleaner and more sustainable form of energy is driving research towards alternative energy sources and carrier.
  • Hydrogen is one of the promising alternative energy carrier.
  • Hydrogen is colorless, odorless, and has high tendency of leakage. Hence there is need for development of hydrogen gas sensors that meet DoE requirements.


  • Find correlation between hydrogen sensor parameters for synthesized nanoparticle decorated graphene and electron transport measurements.


  • Graphene device done through mechanical exfoliation and e-beam lithography.
  • Hall measurement carried for the longitudinal and hall resistance of the device to extract carrier density and carrier mobility

Key Results

  • Device fabrication of graphene hall bar for electrical characterization.


  • The electrical properties of the sample when extracted will help will the characterization of nano-particle decorated graphene on future

Future Work

  • More electronic transport measurement for fabricated device

  • More AFM analysis of SDS functionalized CVD graphene

  • Explore the deposition of Aluminum oxide on CVD graphene before Pd/Pt nanoparticle deposition.

  • Fabrication of device from Pd/Pt decorated graphene